Soil & Vent

Our 110mm Soil Pipe and Fittings are EN1401-1 and BBA  approved and are interchangeable with other leading UK and European manufactures with this approval.
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Coupler - Black

Coupler - Black£3.99

Double Socket Access Coupler

Double Socket Access Coupler£11.99

Soil Pipe 3m

Soil Pipe 3m£13.99

Adjustable Bend - Black

Adjustable Bend - Black£14.99

50mm to 32mm reducer - Black

50mm to 32mm reducer - Black£0.89

50mm to 40mm reducer - Black

50mm to 40mm reducer - Black£0.89

Air Admittance Valve - Black

Air Admittance Valve - Black£11.99

Mushroom Vent Cowel - Black

Mushroom Vent Cowel - Black£9.99

Vent Terminal - Black

Vent Terminal - Black£2.99

Wire Balloon Grating

Wire Balloon Grating£4.99  -  £5.99

Pipe Clips - Black 110mm

Pipe Clips - Black 110mm£2.10

110mm Pipe Snug

110mm Pipe Snug£10.99

Soil Manifold - Black

Soil Manifold - Black£19.99

Rubber Boss Adaptor - 32mm or 40mm

Rubber Boss Adaptor - 32mm or 40mm£1.20  -  £1.40

Soil Access Cap - Black

Soil Access Cap - Black£4.99

32mm Flexible Coupling

32mm Flexible Coupling£5.49

40mm Flexible Coupling

40mm Flexible Coupling£5.99

50mm Flexible Coupling

50mm Flexible Coupling£5.99

60mm Flexible Coupling

60mm Flexible Coupling£6.99

75mm Flexible Coupling

75mm Flexible Coupling£6.49

Flexible Equal Tee 105 - 116mm

Flexible Equal Tee 105 - 116mm£19.99

4Hr Fire Rated Collar

4Hr Fire Rated Collar£17.99   £15.99

Magnaplast Lubricant 1000ml

Magnaplast Lubricant 1000ml£6.99

Magnaplast Lubricant 250ml

Magnaplast Lubricant 250ml£3.59

Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray£3.75

2m Expert Drain Rod Set - 7pce

2m Expert Drain Rod Set - 7pce£24.99

Drain Cleaner 15ft

Drain Cleaner 15ft£1.99

Drain Rods - 12 Piece Set

Drain Rods - 12 Piece Set£16.99

One Shot Drain Cleaner

One Shot Drain Cleaner£6.75

Waste Pipe Unblocker

Waste Pipe Unblocker£3.49

Drain Test Kit

Drain Test Kit£26.95

Drain Testing Bags

Drain Testing Bags£19.99  -  £21.99

Drain Test Plug

Drain Test Plug£5.49  -  £9.99

Restricted Access Pipe Saw

Restricted Access Pipe Saw£8.99

Flexi Pan Connector

Flexi Pan Connector£12.99

Space Saver Pan Connector

Space Saver Pan Connector£7.49

WC Pan Extension Connector

WC Pan Extension Connector£3.65

Offset Pan Connector

Offset Pan Connector£4.25

Pan Connector

Pan Connector£4.25

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