160mm Underground Drainage

Our 160mm Underground Drainage is manufactured to EN1401-1 and is interchangeable with other leading UK and European manufacturers.

160mm underground drainage is available to order, delivery within 2-3 days

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Coupler - 160mm

Coupler - 160mm£7.99

3m Single Socket Pipe - 160mm

3m Single Socket Pipe - 160mm£27.99

45 Double Socket Bend - 160mm

45 Double Socket Bend - 160mm£14.99

2m Expert Drain Rod Set - 7pce

2m Expert Drain Rod Set - 7pce£24.99

Drain Cleaner 15ft

Drain Cleaner 15ft£1.99

Drain Rods - 12 Piece Set

Drain Rods - 12 Piece Set£16.99

One Shot Drain Cleaner

One Shot Drain Cleaner£6.85

Waste Pipe Unblocker

Waste Pipe Unblocker£3.49

Drain Test Kit

Drain Test Kit£26.95

Drain Test Plug

Drain Test Plug£5.49  -  £9.99

Restricted Access Pipe Saw

Restricted Access Pipe Saw£8.99

Drain Testing Bags

Drain Testing Bags£19.99  -  £21.99

Inflator Pump For Air Bags

Inflator Pump For Air Bags£9.99

Magnaplast Lubricant 1000ml

Magnaplast Lubricant 1000ml£6.99

Magnaplast Lubricant 250ml

Magnaplast Lubricant 250ml£3.59

Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray£4.25


Page 1 of 1:    37 Items