Building Ties

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Vista VE 4 Housing Ties - Pack 50

Vista VE 4 Housing Ties - Pack 50£5.99  -  £9.99

Wall Starter Kit

Wall Starter Kit£6.49

Builders Brickwork Pack

Builders Brickwork Pack£99.00

Wall Starter Kit - 10 Pack

Wall Starter Kit - 10 Pack£59.99

Wall Tie Retaining Clips

Wall Tie Retaining Clips£1.99  -  £11.99

Screw Ties

Screw Ties£0.29

Stainless Steel Screw-In Wallstarter Ties

Stainless Steel Screw-In Wallstarter Ties£1.35  -  £11.99

Bent Movement Tie 150mm

Bent Movement Tie 150mm£0.75

Debonding Sleeve

Debonding Sleeve£0.19

Plastic Insulation Fixings

Plastic Insulation Fixings£8.49  -  £11.99

Box 100

Timber Frame Ties 100mm Cavity

Timber Frame Ties 100mm Cavity£5.99  -  £19.99

Timber Frame Ties 50mm Cavity

Timber Frame Ties 50mm Cavity£5.99  -  £18.99

Frame Ties 100mm x 50mm

Frame Ties 100mm x 50mm£0.22

Frame Ties 150mm x 50mm

Frame Ties 150mm x 50mm£0.26

Frame Ties 200mm x 50mm

Frame Ties 200mm x 50mm£0.35

Hessian Roll - 45m x 1.36m

Hessian Roll - 45m x 1.36m£39.99


Page 1 of 1:    38 Items