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Plasterers Tools

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1800mm Feather Edge

1800mm Feather Edge£17.99

1200mm Poly Plastering Derby

1200mm Poly Plastering Derby£15.75

Hop Up Platform Bench

Hop Up Platform Bench£28.99

Aviation Tin Snips

Aviation Tin Snips£5.99

Stanley Fatmax Folding Jetsaw

Stanley Fatmax Folding Jetsaw£11.99

Drywall Saw

Drywall Saw£2.99

Hand Sander

Hand Sander£3.99

Swivel Pole Sander

Swivel Pole Sander£7.99

Handy Sponge

Handy Sponge£1.25

Jumbo Sponge

Jumbo Sponge£1.99   £1.79

Plaster Scarifier

Plaster Scarifier£4.25

Plastering Hawk

Plastering Hawk£8.99

Poly Plastering Float

Poly Plastering Float£3.85

Soft Grip Bucket Trowel

Soft Grip Bucket Trowel£4.99

Soft Grip Plastering Trowel

Soft Grip Plastering Trowel£5.99

Staple Remover 160mm

Staple Remover 160mm£3.75

Staple Gun - 3 in 1

Staple Gun - 3 in 1£9.25

Zinc Plated Mixing Paddle

Zinc Plated Mixing Paddle£6.25

Pressure Sprayer 2litre

Pressure Sprayer 2litre£5.99

Door & Board Lifter

Door & Board Lifter£8.99


Page 1 of 1:    36 Items