Pipe Clips & Supports

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32mm Waste Pipe Clip

32mm Waste Pipe Clip£0.59

40mm Waste Pipe Clip

40mm Waste Pipe Clip£0.59

Pipe Clips - Black 110mm

Pipe Clips - Black 110mm£2.10

Basin Fixing Kit

Basin Fixing Kit£3.49

Pipe Clips - Quick Lock - Single

Pipe Clips - Quick Lock - Single£0.18  -  £0.22

Snap-in Open Pipe Clip

Snap-in Open Pipe Clip£0.24  -  £0.32

Steel Hose Clamp

Steel Hose Clamp£1.99  -  £4.75

25mm MDPE Pipe Clip

25mm MDPE Pipe Clip£0.69

32mm MDPE Pipe Clip

32mm MDPE Pipe Clip£0.89

31-36mm Lined Pipe Support

31-36mm Lined Pipe Support£1.45

38-44mm Lined Pipe Support

38-44mm Lined Pipe Support£1.49

53-58mm Lined Pipe Support

53-58mm Lined Pipe Support£1.59

108-118mm Lined Pipe Support

108-118mm Lined Pipe Support£1.99

M10 Pipe Support Backplate

M10 Pipe Support Backplate£0.99

Threaded Bar 1.0m Lengths

Threaded Bar 1.0m Lengths£1.20  -  £2.75

Threaded Bars - Stainless Steel Pack 5

Threaded Bars - Stainless Steel Pack 5£6.99  -  £47.99

Cable Clips

Cable Clips£1.49  -  £1.99

Hose Pipe Clips 12 Pack

Hose Pipe Clips 12 Pack£2.49


Page 1 of 1:    23 Items