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Paint Brushes, Knives & Sundries

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White Spirit 750ml

White Spirit 750ml£2.50   £1.89

Premium Paint Brushes

Premium Paint Brushes£0.90  -  £5.65

Synthetic Paint Brushes

Synthetic Paint Brushes£0.80  -  £3.25

115mm Block Brush

115mm Block Brush£3.65

Harris Block Brush 100mm

Harris Block Brush 100mm£3.89

Emulsion Brush 100mm

Emulsion Brush 100mm£3.89

Masonry Brush 150mm

Masonry Brush 150mm£2.99

Premium Brush Set - 3 piece

Premium Brush Set - 3 piece£4.49

Fence & Shed Brush

Fence & Shed Brush£2.99

Tar Brush 300mm

Tar Brush 300mm£2.99

100mm Scraper

100mm Scraper£1.99

2m Extension Pole - Aluminium

2m Extension Pole - Aluminium£7.50   £6.49

75mm Filler Knife

75mm Filler Knife£1.99

Decorators Scissors 300mm

Decorators Scissors 300mm£2.79

Funnel Set - 4 Piece

Funnel Set - 4 Piece£1.59

Hilka Funnel & Spout 2pce

Hilka Funnel & Spout 2pce£3.49

Paint Shield

Paint Shield£2.49

Plastic Paint Kettle Pourer

Plastic Paint Kettle Pourer£1.49

Paint Scuttle 10 litre

Paint Scuttle 10 litre£4.99

Black Bucket 14 litre

Black Bucket 14 litre£1.49

Dekton 100mm Blade Scraper

Dekton 100mm Blade Scraper£5.99

Measuring Jug 1 Ltr

Measuring Jug 1 Ltr£2.25

Pressure Sprayer 2litre

Pressure Sprayer 2litre£5.99

Page 1 of 1:    30 Items