Cut Tile Clips
Cut Tile Clips

Cut Tile Clips

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The Rooftec Cut Tile Clip is a versatile clip that allows small roof tile cuts to be mechanically fixed in accordance with the BS 5534 Code of practice for slating and tiling at hips, valleys, roof windows and many other applications where it is difficult otherwise to obtain a secure mechanical fixing either at the head or tail of the cut roof tile.

For roofing contractors, these clips offer a quick and easy to install solution to the long-standing problem of fixing small cut tiles which removes the need to use unpredictable glue solutions which rely heavily on workmanship.

In general it is recommended that small roof tile cuts are avoided wherever possible via good setting out of the tiles including the use of wider tiles (where they are available) and the shunt in the tile (in the case of interlocking tiles). However, there are many roof tiles that are only manufactured in the standard size or with only a half tile. Some tiles also have little or no shunt.

Furthermore, there are many roof details such as hips, valleys, roof windows, solar panels, dormer window pods where due to the design of the system it is often difficult to mechanically fix the tiles immediately adjacent to the roof feature: The Rooftec Cut Tile Clip is designed to overcome these difficult roofing situations.

Much like using mortar on roofs, glue has many variables that can affect the finished roof. Using a mechanical fixing, such as these Cut Tile Clips, removes these variables, as each one fixes securely to the cut tile and around a nail secured to rafters or battens. When used with products such as the Redland C-clip (available separately) the clips can form part of the recommended fixing specification for cut tiles at various roofing details such as hips, valleys, roof windows etc.

With the NHBC requiring roofs to be mechanically fixed in most instances, these clips are the ideal solution.