Blades, Knifes & Scissors

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Stanley 99E Knife Triple Pack

Stanley 99E Knife Triple Pack£12.99

18mm Snap Knife

18mm Snap Knife£2.50

25mm Snap-Off Knife

25mm Snap-Off Knife£3.49

Lock Knife & 10 Blades

Lock Knife & 10 Blades£7.99

Lock-Back Utility Knife

Lock-Back Utility Knife£5.99

Folding Utility Knife

Folding Utility Knife£4.99

18mm Snap Blades

18mm Snap Blades£1.50

Utility Knife Blades

Utility Knife Blades£1.35  -  £6.99

Coping Saw Blades 10pk

Coping Saw Blades 10pk£2.99

Hacksaw Blade 300mm - 2 Pack

Hacksaw Blade 300mm - 2 Pack£2.85

Plastic Sheet Cutter

Plastic Sheet Cutter£0.99

Decorators Scissors 300mm

Decorators Scissors 300mm£2.79

Seam Roller

Seam Roller£3.49

Scissors 165mm

Scissors 165mm£1.49

Tile & Glass Scraper 100mm

Tile & Glass Scraper 100mm£2.49

Window Scraper

Window Scraper£1.49

Cable Cutter 150mm

Cable Cutter 150mm£4.99


Page 1 of 1:    29 Items