2m x 25m Weedcheck - Weed Control Membrane

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Weedcheck is a highly specified Spunbond polypropylene material designed to have the maximum effect on preventing weed growth, It also helps to retain moisture in the soil and stops the various mulches, including decorative aggregates, from being lost into the ground.

An economical membrane which will prevent most rhizome growth from penetrating from below - for complete weed control please use Weedcheck Ultra
No need for chemicals when installing
Water and feed passes through to the soil below
Low maintenance gardening
Decorative aggregates will not be lost into soil

Suitable Applications
Aggregates areas
Pedestrian scree areas
Flower Beds
Under Decking with Mulch
Shrub Beds
Vegetable Beds
Vegetable Protection
Lining Plant Containers
Between Crocks & Compost

Weedcheck is designed to be covered with a suitable material such as a mulch or decorative stone to protect the membrane from U.V light as soon as possible following installation.