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Wonder Wipes Trade Tub - 100 Wipes

Wonder Wipes Trade Tub - 100 Wipes£4.99  -  £11.97

From Only £3.99 each
Wonder Wipe Spray 1Ltr

Wonder Wipe Spray 1Ltr£3.99  -  £10.05

From Only £3.25 each
Handy Sponge

Handy Sponge£1.25

30m Reinforced Hose Pipe

30m Reinforced Hose Pipe£15.99

Hose Pipe Fittings Set

Hose Pipe Fittings Set£3.99

Pressure Sprayer 2litre

Pressure Sprayer 2litre£5.99

Broom Stiff Bassine 12''

Broom Stiff Bassine 12"£3.99

Broom Handle 4' 15/16''

Broom Handle 4' 15/16"£1.49

Broom Stiff Bassine 18''

Broom Stiff Bassine 18"£5.99

Broom Handle 5' 1-1/8''

Broom Handle 5' 1-1/8"£1.49

Hand Brush

Hand Brush£1.99

Dutpan & Brush Set

Dutpan & Brush Set£1.49

Large Dustpan

Large Dustpan£5.69

Premium Dutpan & Brush Set

Premium Dutpan & Brush Set£4.25

Floor Scraper 200mm

Floor Scraper 200mm£13.49

Wire Brush

Wire Brush£1.65

Black Palm Gloves

Black Palm Gloves£1.79

Latex Builders Gloves

Latex Builders Gloves£1.69

Orange Latex General Safety Gloves

Orange Latex General Safety Gloves£0.99  -  £8.00

Red PVC Gloves

Red PVC Gloves£1.89

Bin Liners - 50 Pack

Bin Liners - 50 Pack£2.99

Rubble Sacks - 20 Pack

Rubble Sacks - 20 Pack£3.99

Yellow Bucket

Yellow Bucket£2.99

14 Litre Black Gorilla Tub

14 Litre Black Gorilla Tub£5.99

26 Litre Black Gorilla Tub

26 Litre Black Gorilla Tub£5.99

38 Litre Black Gorilla Tub

38 Litre Black Gorilla Tub£5.99

42 litre Heavy Duty Tub

42 litre Heavy Duty Tub£5.75

75 Litre Black Gorilla Tub

75 Litre Black Gorilla Tub£9.99

Black Bucket 14 litre

Black Bucket 14 litre£1.49



Solvent based cleaner, used to remove ingrained dirt from PVCu and most plastics.


Page 1 of 1:    36 Items