Builders Plumbing Essentials

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15mm Compression Stop End

15mm Compression Stop End£1.49

15mm Isolation Valve

15mm Isolation Valve£1.89

15mm Push Fit Coupler

15mm Push Fit Coupler£1.69

15mm Push Fit Elbow

15mm Push Fit Elbow£1.69

15mm Push Fit Stop End

15mm Push Fit Stop End£1.79

15mm Pushfit Tee

15mm Pushfit Tee£2.49

15mm Push Fit Insert

15mm Push Fit Insert£0.26

3m x 15mm Barrier Pipe

3m x 15mm Barrier Pipe£4.99

Offset Pan Connector

Offset Pan Connector£4.25

Pan Connector

Pan Connector£4.25

Flexi Pan Connector

Flexi Pan Connector£12.99

WC Pan Extension Connector

WC Pan Extension Connector£3.65

Space Saver Pan Connector

Space Saver Pan Connector£7.49

Assorted Wiping Rags 10Kg

Assorted Wiping Rags 10Kg£14.49

Trade Cleaning Wipes  - Tub 300

Trade Cleaning Wipes - Tub 300£10.99   £9.99

Handy Sponge

Handy Sponge£1.25

Jumbo Sponge

Jumbo Sponge£1.99   £1.79

Glass Cleaner 500ml

Glass Cleaner 500ml£2.75

Wonder Wipe Spray 1Ltr

Wonder Wipe Spray 1Ltr£3.49

Dekton Super Plunger

Dekton Super Plunger£6.99

Mini Plunger

Mini Plunger£2.25

Air Admittance Valve - Black

Air Admittance Valve - Black£11.99


Page 1 of 1:    33 Items